Commercial New Construction


  • As of April 4, 2019 the funding for natural gas Custom Rebates projects (including Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies) scheduled to be completed in 2019 has been allocated to customer projects.
  • As of May 1, 2019 the funding for electric Commercial New Construction and Custom Rebates projects (including Energy Audits, Feasibility Studies, Find-n-Fix and Retrocommissioning) scheduled to be completed in 2019 has been allocated to customer projects.

Customers with new potential 2019 projects may still apply for pre-approval and should contact the Customer’s Account Manager or call 1-866-ALLIANT for assistance. In the event funding becomes available, we will add 2019 projects on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are still accepting pre-approval applications and enrollments for projects that are anticipated to be completed in 2020 and beyond. 

Energy-efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate. Alliant Energy’s Commercial New Construction program provides free energy design assistance and financial incentives to help offset the cost of implementing energy-efficient strategies. The program is available to Iowa businesses that have new construction, additions or renovation projects not yet in the design phase.

The first step of the program is a customized energy model, which simulates energy use for your facility, demonstrating which strategies have the greatest impact and which are the most cost effective. Strategies are then selected by the building owner and the design team, assisted by the energy design consultant.

Systems available for energy modeling include:
  • Daylighting controls
  • Envelope systems
  • Heating and cooling
  • Lighting controls and design
  • Load-responsive equipment
  • Outside air control systems
  • Window layouts

Construction rebates

Construction rebates are paid to the building owner to reduce the initial costs of energy-saving strategies. These rebates are based on the electric savings that are modeled and then verified as having been installed. The more energy you save, the more money you can earn.

Customer rebates

Electric customer rebate range

Six cents per kWh for 5% savings to 19 cents per kWh for 60% savings above the Iowa Energy Code. 

Design team incentives

Design team incentives are paid to the building designer or architect to help offset the cost of program participation.


Multifamily is defined as more than three units in one building shell, three stories or less, located on one lot. Multifamily new construction or major renovation projects with commercial and residential mixed usage are now eligible to participate in the Commercial New Construction program, subject to screening and approval.

Commercial New Construction program flyer .pdf 

Iowa rebate reference guide

A printable summary of our most popular rebates for business.

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