Chillers - air cooled

Chillers can control temperature, humidity and ventilation. They also help reduce the cost of operation, through energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


All existing buildings and new construction buildings less than 5,000 square feet are eligible for this rebate.  New construction buildings greater than 5,000 square feet are not eligible for prescriptive rebates and should apply for the Commercial New Construction program prior to purchase and install.

Existing buildings = Buildings built 2016 and earlier
New construction = Buildings built 2017 and later

  • $30/ton for exiting buildings, $18/ton for new construction
  • Size  tons less than 150: Full Load - EER ≥ 10.04; IPLV - EER ≥ 13.125
  • Size ≥ 150: Full Load - EER ≥ 10.04; IPLV - EER ≥ 13.388

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