What's in it for me?

  • A simple process that works with your busy schedule
  • FREE installation of efficient products for instant savings
  • Informed recommendations from a professional energy assessor
  • A customized plan for energy- and money-saving improvements
  • Connects you to rebates from Alliant Energy

How does it work?

  1. Schedule your free assessment. Call 1-888-267-7516 or request an appointment online.
  2. A trained energy assessor will visit your business to uncover saving opportunities by evaluating building construction, heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, water heating, windows and doors, and more.
  3. Receive instant savings. While at your business, your energy assessor will install free efficiency products such as light bulbs or faucet aerators for instant savings.
  4. Following your assessment you will receive a detailed report outlining recommended projects, paybacks and rebates from Alliant Energy. Consider recommendations and choose which projects you’d like to complete first.
  5. Move forward with selected projects by contacting an energy-smart contractor from the Alliant Energy Dealer Network.
  6. Keep saving long after the assessment is over. Collect rebates from Alliant Energy to realize faster paybacks on your efficiency project. Plus you’ll enjoy long-term savings on your energy costs—month after month, year after year.

Does my business qualify?

To be eligible to receive a free Small Business Energy Assessment, your facility should:

  • Receive primary electric or natural gas service from Alliant Energy in Iowa
  • Have an annual electric billing of less than $50,000
  • Occupy less than 20,000 square feet
  • Receive landlord approval if the facility is leased

Success stories

JW's Foods - Kalona, Iowa

JW’s Foods was looking to save energy and cut operating costs in its grocery store. They started with a free energy assessment from Alliant Energy. Their energy assessor identified lighting and refrigeration upgrades that could save them thousands of dollars each year. He referred them to the Small Business Energy Solutions program, which provides rebates and technical resources to help business owners complete turnkey lighting and refrigeration improvements.

Alliant Energy rebates covered 75% of the project costs and the grocery store is expected to save an additional $24,622 annually on energy costs. To top it off, JW’s Foods has improved its retail environment, creating a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

Greater Iowa Credit Union – Ames, Iowa

Greater Iowa Credit Union was made more comfortable after a Small Business Energy Assessment uncovered energy-saving opportunities.

View the video:

Joensy’s Restaurant – Center Point, Iowa

Joensy’s Restaurant found some quick and affordable ways to save energy after a Small Business Energy Assessment.

View the video:

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