New Deadline Notice: Insulation, home sealing & duct sealing projects completed and installed prior to 12/31/18 must submit all required paperwork by 1/31/19 to be eligible for a 2018 rebate.  Insulation, home sealing & duct sealing projects completed and installed between 1/1/19 - 3/31/19 must have completed a Home Energy Assessment and file all paperwork by 4/30/19 to be eligible for an extended 2018 rebate.  All deadlines are final and based on date of installation.  No exceptions will be made.


Thank you for your interest in a Home Energy Assessment. Unfortunately customer requests have exceeded the number of slots we have available and are no longer able to schedule any Home Energy Assessments. Alliant Energy will be offering an Online Home Assessment that you can perform on your home available later this spring. 

There are other private companies that perform Home Energy Assessments for a fee starting anywhere from $250 and up.  The cost depends on the assessment requested and the location of the home.  You can call one of these businesses:

  • The Energy Group 1-800-318-8915  - Their average cost is $250 - $450
  • The Element Group 1-319-491-3170 – Their average cost is $300 and above

You may also find a company that can perform different types of home assessments by going to and searching the service type labeled “HERS rater.” 

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