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Coal Ash Products


Alliant Energy-Interstate Power and Light is proud to offer AG PAVE and other coal ash products for your farm.

AG PAVE is an aggregate-like material produced from Class C fly ash that has been hydrated, hardened and reclaimed.

Class C fly ash is what remains after sub-bituminous coal is burned to generate electricity. When this fly ash is mixed with water it flash-sets and hardens to form a cement-like material that, when reclaimed, can be used in many different applications.

AG PAVE is a cost-effective alternative for constructing hardened bases or platforms, including those for animal feed lots, stockpiling materials or storing farm equipment.

Common agricultural applications include:

  • Cattle or swine feedlot pads
  • Material stockpile pads
  • Farm equipment storage pads
  • Driveways and alleyways
  • Lightly traveled field access roads

Although AG PAVE is not a direct replacement for concrete, it can, with proper application and maintenance, improve wet yard conditions, animal footing and consequently, weight gains.

To learn how your farm can benefit from AG PAVE, contact Jesse J. Nowak at 319-786-7614 or e-mail jessenowak@alliantenergy.com.