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Emergency Responders and Natural Gas Safety


Emergency responders who understand the properties and characteristic of natural gas and the procedures for responding to gas-related emergencies are better prepared to protect their own lives and the lives of those they serve.

Alliant Energy is dedicated to keeping our employees, customers and members of the community safe through education, training and awareness. By focusing on safety, we can prevent accidents and injuries. The following training opportunities will complement your department’s current training efforts.New! Online Emergency Responder Training

  1. Online Training: Responding to Utility Emergencies is an effective interactive online training application on how to handle a natural gas emergency. The training is trackable; which allows responders to take a test and receive a certificate upon completion.
  2. Public Safety Presentation: Alliant Energy offers natural gas and electric public safety presentations. These are provided at no cost to the communities in which we are privileged to serve natural gas and/or electric. You can request further information or schedule a presentation for your staff by emailing: customercare@alliantenergy.com or by calling the Alliant Energy toll-free number 1-800-255-4268. We ask that you schedule a presentation no less than four weeks before your desired meeting date.
  3. DVD: Recognizing and Avoiding the Hazards is a video training tool intended to demonstrate the correct actions first responders can take to protect themselves and the public when responding to natural gas emergencies. You can request the training DVD by completing the online form: Emergency Responder training videos order request

It is extremely important you notify Alliant Energy in the event of a natural gas or electric emergency call! We have specialized knowledge, expertise, tools and equipment to handle any natural gas or electric hazard found on the scene. We can help you stay safe around unforeseen natural gas or electric hazards that may arise as the emergency progresses. Alliant Energy is available 24-hours a day to provide assistance during emergencies.

Reference Articles

Natural gas emergencies present unique challenges to firefighters [PDF]
Natural gas emergencies can present unique challenges to firefighters, so it’s important to follow some basic guidelines when responding to calls. This article will focus on how to deal with natural gas that is escaping or burning outdoors.

Fire and electricity: Proper response critical to safety [PDF]
Electricity helps power homes and businesses, but it can be extremely dangerous if it is not handled properly in an emergency situation. As a firefighter, you are often called to accident scenes or building fires that involve electricity. If you are aware of the hazards and know how to respond appropriately, you can protect yourself and the public from being injured or killed.

Emergency Responder Handbook [PDF]
This booklet is a guide for emergency responders who confront fires and other emergencies which involve natural gas or electricity.

Keep your community safe – Be prepared for natural gas emergencies [PDF]
The proper response is key to protecting yourself and the public.

Integrity Management [PDF]
Our Integrity Management Program builds on an already comprehensive safety program by providing a process for inspecting and assessing the condition of Alliant Energy-owned natural gas pipelines and establishing a maintenance program based on best industry practices.

Additional Online Resources

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