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Generator Safety

generatorPortable and standby generators can come in handy if you experience a power outage, but these devices must be used with extreme caution.

When purchasing or using this type of equipment, check your local safety codes and read the manufacturer's directions carefully.

As a property owner, you are responsible for the safe installation and use of the equipment, and you can be held liable for any injuries or damage.

  • Generator connections must be installed in a manner to prevent electricity from feeding from the generator back on to the utility system. This is accomplished with a transfer switch.
  • The generator must be rated to have a sufficient wattage for the electrical load it will operate.

Only a qualified electrician should install a permanent standby generator. This will help ensure that the unit is sized properly and wired correctly.

Always read and follow the manufacturer's directions carefully before using a portable or standby generator.


Download the “Electrical Safety on Your Farm” brochure [PDF]

Download the Farm Electrical Safety Checklist [PDF]