The Crawfish River Project is an estimated 75-megawatt (MW) solar project located in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. The Crawfish River Solar Project will connect into the electrical transmission grid directly through the local substation. Once complete, the project will positively impact the environment and generate enough clean, low-cost energy to power thousands of homes.

Fast facts

  • Location: Town of Jefferson
  • Acreage: 500 acres
  • Developer: Ranger Power
  • Public Service Commission Docket: 6680-CE-182
  • Timeline: Construction is expected to get underway in 2021 and be completed in late 2022.

Economic benefits

Two men shaking hands in a farm field

  • The Crawfish River Solar Project will be a significant source of new local tax revenue, creating an estimated $125,000 per year for the Town of Jefferson and an estimated $175,000 per year for Jefferson County through the Wisconsin Utility Shared Revenue Program.
  • Construction of the project will create a few hundred jobs and employ a couple full-time employees once operational.
  • Leased land payments will provide income for local landowners and farmers over the 30-year lifespan.
  • In addition, soil recovery during the project’s lifespan will protect agricultural land and preserve its value for future generations.

Environmental benefits

Solar panels in a large field from the air

  • This project will feature grass and seed mixes surrounding the solar panels and throughout the solar arrays that will help build soil nutrients and create a pollinator-friendly habitat.
  • Pollinator-friendly vegetation has been proven to prevent soil erosion and add benefit to high-value crops, creating a win-win for both human and wildlife communities.
  • Requiring only sunlight for fuel, the Crawfish River Solar Project represents a long-term reduction of traditional fossil fuels for energy generation, creating a clean environment and clean energy future for Wisconsin and the Midwest.