The Sunny Side

Stories about solar energy that illuminate and inspire.
Smart Investment
Over time, clean energy sources like solar and wind cost less to operate and maintain than traditional energy resources such as coal. Those savings are passed back to you, the customer. 
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Healthy Environment
The sun and wind energy sources are renewable, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide emissions they create.
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Economic Advantage
Solar creates construction jobs, while revenue sharing from solar sites provides income to communities. Solar facility land leases provide steady income to landowners.
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Company News
Read the latest news from Alliant Energy such as how we’ll be adding nearly 1,100 MW of solar energy – the most in Wisconsin – by 2023.
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Environmental Stewardship
Besides Alliant Energy’s ongoing stewardship of agricultural land used for our solar facilities, we offer environmental grants for programs such as conservation and education, park updates and trail projects.
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Safety Readiness
Learn the latest tips for dealing with power outages, and how our emergency crews move into action when an emergency occurs.
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