Community solar offers clean, local energy for your business that can offset a portion of your electric bill without needing to install solar panels on your property. Your subscription can be sized to match your annual utility bills.

Investing in Alliant Energy® Community Solar – Fond du Lac means you can use clean energy and reduce your carbon footprint, without having to manage a private system. With the Alliant Energy® Community Solar program, we build, own and maintain a dedicated solar site on behalf of the participating subscribers.

You simply make a one-time, upfront payment to secure 250-watt blocks of solar energy. And the best part, you’ll receive ongoing monthly bill credits for the next 20 years. In addition to the financial benefits, your business will also receive:

  • The ability to claim renewable energy credits.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability by enabling clean, local energy.

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Community Solar quick facts

Getting started

Community solar is available to Wisconsin electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation is easy.

Step 1

Use this calculator to determine the number of 250-watt solar energy producing blocks you need. You can purchase a subscription for up to 100% of your energy use.  

Step 2

Sign up. Once you determine the number of solar blocks you need, complete the Alliant Energy ® Community Solar subscriber form.

Step 3

Make payment for the block(s) all at once or spread the amount over a 12-month period at no extra cost. Each 250-watt block costs $375, plus a one-time $25 administration fee. Here’s what your bill will look like. 

Step 4

Receive a credit on your bill each month for up to 20 years. The credit is based on solar production – sunnier days mean a larger credit. Bill credit begins when the upfront subscription fee is paid in full, and the solar site is generating energy. See some bill credit estimates.

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Powering beyond in your community

Every day, Alliant Energy and our employees give back to the communities we are privileged to serve.

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Rebates for your business

Take advantage of energy efficiency rebates for your business and get cash back!

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