Beyond Solar is a unique solution for Iowa customers to become actively involved in their role with energy. This new option combines Iowa solar and wind with tools and incentives for smart energy use. You can reserve one or more blocks of renewable energy with no upfront costs.

Solar power will come from the state’s largest solar garden, which is currently under construction in Dubuque. The product also includes wind energy from the Hancock County Wind Farm in Iowa. Additional renewable resources in our Iowa communities could be added as Beyond Solar expands.

Cost and participation

You can reserve one or more blocks of renewable energy with no upfront costs. One kilowatt block represents roughly 20% of a typical residential customer’s monthly usage. You can choose your preferred level of solar.

  • Reserve a 100% solar block for $13.61 a month
  • Reserve a 50% solar / 50% wind block for $6.70 a month
  • Reserve a 25% solar / 75% wind block for $3.24 a month

Beyond Solar will be in addition to a customer’s monthly bill and consists of two parts: a charge and a credit.

  • Charge – The charge will be for the renewable energy block(s) and covers the cost to build and operate solar and purchase wind energy.
  • Credit – The credit will represent the cost savings by not using traditional fuels to generate electricity. 
Typical residential customer usage (730 kWh/monthly) example

Charge for one block of 100% solar = $17.24
Credit = $3.64
Total Beyond Solar monthly charge = $13.61

Typical (non-residential) general service customer usage (2,220 kWh/monthly) example

Charge for three blocks of 50% solar/50% wind = $34.41
Credit = $14.31
Total Beyond Solar monthly charge = $20.10

When comparing wind and solar generators in Iowa, wind produces more electricity than solar, making it more cost-effective. This helps explain why Beyond Solar blocks with more wind costs less.

Participation in Beyond Solar is on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to reserve your block(s) now.


Smart energy use

We believe in the importance of combining renewables with energy conservation. By choosing LED lighting, installing a learning thermostat or tuning up an air conditioner, you can save energy and money. With smart energy use, you need fewer Beyond Solar blocks to achieve your renewable energy goals.

We offer many options to help you be a smart energy user.

We recommend you take advantage of energy efficiency rebates by visiting

Additional offerings

We will plant a tree on behalf of each customer who participates in Beyond Solar. Once the product is approved by the Iowa Utility Board participants will receive a welcome packet and a window cling to show their support for renewable energy and Beyond Solar. Tree planting information will also be shared at that time.

Difference between Beyond Solar and Second Nature™

Beyond Solar has a higher percentage of solar than Second Nature. If you are enrolled in Second Nature you would need to choose which product, Second Nature or Beyond Solar, you’d like to support. Customers aren’t able to participate in both.


Beyond Solar is subject to review by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). Customers will be contacted by Alliant Energy to verify their participation once the regulatory process is complete. The proposed effective date of this product is November 1, 2017.


  • Alliant Energy Iowa electric customer
  • Account not more than 30 days past due
  • If you are enrolled in Second Nature, you will need to choose which product you’d like to support.
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