What is a level 2 charger?

A level 2 charger uses a higher home voltage and charges the car in roughly half the time of a Level 1 charger. A level 1 charger uses a typical 110 volt electrical outlet, whereas a level 2 charger uses 240 volts. They resemble the larger outlets that often run electric dryers.

What else do I need to know?

To take full advantage of newer electric vehicles' ability to charge more quickly, the most convenient option will be to install a home charger with a capacity of at least 30 amps.

The 15 or 20 amp home charging unit is good for first or second generation electric vehicles, which may charge at a slower rate. Newer cars will charge on a lower amperage as well, but you won’t be taking full advantage of the newer models’ ability to charge more quickly.

A 30 amp home charger will require a circuit breaker rated for a least 40 amps. A level 2 charger and the higher amperage circuit it requires must be installed by a licensed electrician. 

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