One million EVs

Over 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) have hit the U.S. roads, with more than 18 million anticipated to be on the road by 2030. EVs cost less to operate, require less maintenance and produce fewer emissions.

Check out all of the benefits, rebates, incentives and rate options  below that makes owning an EV easier than ever.

Start your EV adventure here. Whether you’re an active traveler or commuting to and from work, an electric vehicle can get you where you need to go.

Choose from two types of EVs to get the full experience of driving electric:

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) Battery electric vehicles (BEVs)
Powered by an electric motor and back-up internal combustion engine Powered by an all-electric motor and battery
Has a 50 mile range in all-electric mode Travels as far as 200 miles on one charge
Travels up to 2,000 miles between gasoline fill-ups, if charged everyday Covers typical daily commutes without needing a daily charge
Reduces number of gas station stops, tune-ups, transmission repairs and oil changes, if used in all-electric mode Removes the need for gas station stops, tune-ups, transmission repairs and oil changes


It takes one test drive in an EV to realize this is not your average gas gulping vehicle. Take off from a complete stop with instant torque. Enjoy one of the quietest, smoothest rides you’ve ever experienced. Drivers are discovering the benefits of driving electric vehicles every day. Now it’s your turn. Buy electric. Drive electric. 


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