Emergency? Call 1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268)

Emergency Contacts

If you encounter an emergency, please do not send an email. Contact us by phone during emergency situations to get crews to the scene quickly.

Interstate Power and Light Company (Iowa & Minnesota customers)

To report an electric or gas emergency:   1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268)  
To report a power outage:   1-877-740-5050  

Wisconsin Power and Light Company (Wisconsin customers)

To report a power outage or electric emergency: 1-800-862-6261
To report a gas emergency:  1-800-862-6263

All customers

To report a power outage:

  • Use our web site to report an outage online
  • Dial pound 2-5-5 from any U.S. Cellular® phone
  • Visit alliantenergy.com from your smart phone (cell phone) and you are automatically directed to an outage reporting screen.

Non-emergency issues: If you wish to contact Alliant Energy about an issue other than emergencies or outages, please visit our contact page.

Call before you dig: Planning a project where you'll be digging? Don't dig before you find out where your service lines are! Visit our Call Before You Dig page for more details on the One-Call program.