The Prairie du Sac Dam has been operating on the Wisconsin River for about 105 years!  As you can imagine, over the course of that time, the facility has experienced some normal wear and tear. We’re being proactive to make sure the dam continues to reliably produce renewable energy.

A project to improve the spillway and its foundation is underway. The spillway is the structure which has gates that are raised or opened to “spill” water through the dam. Water is passed through the powerhouse to make electricity first and then any additional water is passed through the spillway. 

This project includes a testing phase in 2017, construction in 2018 and estimated completion in 2020.

We’ve scheduled and are also starting work inside the facility to boost the efficiency of our turbines and generators. Turbines are large wheels with special blades attached to a shaft. The force of water flowing through the turbine causes the shaft to rotate. That shaft is attached to a generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electricity through the use of magnetic fields. 

Other maintenance or upgrades are being done on hoists, gates, sensors, oil systems and concrete. An enhanced alert system has also been put into service.

This all adds up to a lot of activity on and around the dam. Please use caution in the area.

We appreciate your patience as we improve the dam’s performance for our customers.

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