A top priority for natural gas pipeline operators like Alliant Energy is to protect the safety of the public. We have developed a training program to provide critical safety information about the underground natural gas pipelines located on or near your school property. These materials provide key information and training for those in your school and school administration that may be responsible for emergency planning or the evacuation of facilities during an emergency.

This safety training program provides an overview of the steps schools should take to prepare for a natural gas pipeline emergency. The materials include:

Video: Natural Gas Pipeline Safety for Schools. This video, in less than 20 minutes, provides important information specific to schools. The video is playable below, or available on YouTube.

PDF materials available for download:

  • Leader’s Guide – instructions on guiding participants through the material
  • Reference Guide – provides participants a reference during and after the presentation
  • Test Your Knowledge Quiz – engages participants in reinforcing their knowledge and wrap up discussion
  • Assessment Form – completed by the presenter and returned to the Program Administrator

Completing this program will improve confidence for pipeline emergency readiness along with informing your emergency preparedness plan. When performing safety drills, be sure to involve local emergency responders such as fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services, along with your local natural gas pipeline operator.