Many areas in Iowa and Wisconsin are experiencing heavy flooding, record rainfalls and forecast for more rain. If your home floods, follow the safety precautions below.

Flood safety

Before a flood
  • Unplug electric appliances if they are expected to be underwater.
  • Individually shut off the valves to gas appliances if they are expected to be underwater.
Stay safe
  • Never walk through a flooded home or building until gas and electric service are disconnected
  • NEVER handle electric appliances or any other electric equipment, such as a circuit breaker, with wet hands or while standing on a wet surface. Water and electricity can be a deadly combination.
  • Avoid walking in flooded backyards if water is touching utility equipment like ground-mounted transformers.
  • Make sure generators used for water removal are outside and vented properly. Keep their power cords out of water.
What to do if your service is affected by flooding:
  • Call Alliant to have electric and/or natural gas service disconnected if there is standing water in your property:

    • Standing water can snuff out pilot lights on hot water heaters and furnaces. If this occurs, natural gas may collect in your home, creating the risk of an explosion.
    • Even a small amount of water on the floor of your basement can put you at risk for electrocution.
    • We do not charge to disconnect or reconnect service due to flooding.
What to do to have service reconnected
  • Have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system before calling to be reconnected. Electric meter sockets that were submerged must be replaced.
  • Have a licensed heating or appliance service and repair contractor inspect your natural gas appliances before calling to be reconnected. Gas appliance manufacturers recommend appliance parts that have been underwater be replaced.

Depending upon your local building code requirements, you may need to call your local government building inspector and ask that they inspect your home’s electrical system if water has entered it.