Why make the switch?

Natural gas is still one of the best values in today’s energy market. It’s possible to see savings of as much as 40% to 60% over propane or fuel oil. Based on two-year, weighted average costs, you could potentially save several hundred dollars annually by converting to natural gas.

Natural gas is:

  • Clean and Efficient – It is cleaner-burning than other fuels. That means lower greenhouse gas emissions. About 90% of the gas produced is delivered to you as usable energy.
  • Safe and Reliable – The natural gas delivery system has the best safety record of any energy delivery system according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Dependable – No need to schedule fuel delivery or worry about running out. Also, no storage tank hassles!

What can I save by switching to natural gas?


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What are the costs and rebates associated with converting to natural gas?

If you currently heat your home with propane, you may not need to replace your heating equipment or water heater. If you do replace your equipment, you may qualify for the rebates listed below.

If you now use fuel oil, you will need to invest in new heating and water-heating equipment which would be installed by a qualified contractor.

There may be no charge from Alliant Energy for service hookup or meter installation to convert from your current fuel source to natural gas. However, if you do not have natural gas appliances or heating equipment, a plumbing or heating contractor will likely charge for the conversion and related work.

If your home or business is located within Alliant Energy’s natural gas service territory, you are eligible for a construction allowance which would bring natural gas from the gas main to your location.

You can check into possible cash-back rewards from Focus on Energy (Wisconsin customers), Alliant Energy (Iowa customers) or federal tax credits that may be available for purchasing new, energy-efficient equipment.

Will you have to do any digging or excavating?

Some digging may be necessary to convert the natural gas equipment on your property. We will make every effort to make sure your property is not damaged. If necessary, we will re-seed and fill with black dirt at no cost to you.

Who is responsible for the removal of my propane or fuel oil tank?

You, the customer, are responsible for tank removal. For your safety, removal should be handled by your local propane or fuel oil dealer.

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