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Energy Expertise

Whether you need energy efficiency ideas, equipment financing or engineering services, Alliant Energy has innovative solutions that will increase your company's productivity and profits.

Energy Assessments - This service helps pinpoint energy wasters and teaches how to improve your efficiency. You can choose the options that fit your needs.

Financing Options - Alliant Energy can help you invest in energy efficiency improvements.

Bill Pricing Options - It can be really helpful to have options, and at Alliant Energy, you can find several!

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What our customers say:

Alcoa Wheel Products - Beloit, Wis.
“We knew there was a more efficient way to process, but paying for the necessary upgrade was a problem. Alliant Energy's Shared Savings program provided us with a viable alternative.”

American Profol
“With the savings, we are able to invest money elsewhere in our company, such as equipment upgrades.”

Bacon Veneer
“Once you complete the evaluation, it's a no-brainer - you save energy and it makes you money.”

Corn Plus - Winnebago, Minn.
“We took advantage of the Shared Savings program for the energy-efficient motors and additional process improvements associated with the project without using our capital. And Shared Savings allows us to pay for them out of the energy savings.”

Fareway Stores
“We are very happy with the outcome of the project. It allows us to reduce the air conditioning load and improve the light level while still reducing our energy costs.”

Miniature Precision Components
“Our efforts to expand and grow this area of our business certainly got a boost because of the Shared Savings program.”

“Shared Savings provided the funds to streamline our operation and we are repaying Alliant Energy out of energy savings. It's just a great program.”

Rubbermaid Home Products
“The Alliant Energy technical team's leadership and project management skills were outstanding. They made these major projects seem easy.”

Seneca Foods
“The Shared Savings program has helped us implement energy-saving methods that we wouldn't have done otherwise. It feels great to know you are minimizing energy costs and helping the environment at the same time.”

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