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Business Development

With the labor, education and technology resources that biotech companies need, the Alliant Energy states are home to a growing number of life science firms.

Food Processing
Abundant agricultural resources, easy access to markets and a pro-business attitude create the foundation for a vibrant food processing industry in Alliant Energy's two-state area.

Metal Fabrication
With an excellent transportation system, a skilled workforce and profitable business climate, the Alliant Energy states are ideal for growing your metal fabrication business.

All the states in Alliant Energy's service territory rank high in the plastics industry, thanks to our central location, positive business climate, sophisticated technology and modern infrastructure.

Industries for corn-based feed stocks have 'cropped up' all over the Alliant Energy service area, see why our states are great for you!

Wind Power
The Alliant Energy service area is home to top wind production potential, and a workforce tailored specifically to the needs of the growing wind power industry.

Data Centers
With low hazard risks, low land costs and a qualified workforce, Alliant Energy service area is the best place to build a Data Center!