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All the states in Alliant Energy's service territory rank high in the plastics industry, thanks to our central location, positive business climate, sophisticated technology and modern infrastructure.



Why the Midwest?

Here's a quick look at just a few of the advantages of doing business in the Alliant Energy territory:

  • Favorable tax structures.
  • Excellent transportation system with quick and easy access to markets. See information about the accessibility of airports, ports and waterways, and railroads in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
  • Skilled labor force.
  • Reliable energy and modern infrastructure. Armed with the latest analytical tools and instruments, Alliant Energy's PowerCure team works with your company to identify and solve power quality problems. To learn more, read about our Energy Expertise services.
  • State development initiatives.
  • Strong plastics industry presence.

What Our Customers Say

Co-Extruded Plastic Technologies - Edgerton, Wisconsin

“We were in the process of negotiating a lease in Virginia. Then we began speaking with Alliant Energy…. and things began to fall into place. Alliant Energy is the unsung hero in our locating the operation in Edgerton.”
Paul Jacobson, Executive Vice President

Plastics Recycling - Iowa Falls, Iowa

“We've always gotten great support from Alliant Energy since we bought the company. It's almost like they're a part of our company, as a matter of fact. Alliant Energy chipped in on engineering, design and financing. We're very happy with the results.”
Jim Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer

American Injection Molding - Cascade, Iowa

“Lots of banks won't finance the equipment we need simply because they don't know what it is. Alliant Energy found a way to work with us to get done what we needed to do. Another problem is that traditional lenders don't get excited about cost savings, but Alliant Energy found a way to fill that gap.”
Ryan Burk, owner

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