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Metal Fabrication

With an excellent transportation system, a skilled workforce and profitable business climate, the Alliant Energy states are ideal for growing your metal fabrication business.

Why the Midwest?

Here's a quick look at some of the advantages of doing business in the Alliant Energy states:

  • Excellent transportation system with quick and easy access to markets. Find out about the accessibility of airports, ports and waterways, and railroads in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
  • Well-educated and productive workforce.
  • Profitable business climate.
  • Reliable energy and modern infrastructure. Armed with the latest analytical tools and instruments, Alliant Energy's PowerCure team works with your company to identify and solve power quality problems.
  • Strong metal fabrication industry presence.

What Our Customers Say

The Borghi Group - West Burlington, Iowa

“Alliant Energy's resources and financial backing were instrumental in the existence of this speculative building. Having this building readily available in the location the Borghi Group needed was key to the final decision of plant placement. In addition, Alliant Energy was very responsive to our energy needs, bringing in larger capacity pipeline for our gas consumption and helping to assure we were up and running on schedule.”
Susan A. Brown, former Borghi spokesperson

McElroy Metal - Mauston, Wis.

“Alliant Energy really listened to our needs and went ‘above and beyond' to gather the information we needed. From day one, they were determined to find us a location that offered the best mix of the things we needed and valued.”
John Turley, Chief Financial Officer

SMI Joist - Iowa Falls, Iowa

“Our relationship with Alliant Energy has been a very good experience. SMI Joist has really enjoyed Alliant Energy's help in getting the business up and running, from the involvement with the site selection to assisting in getting the facility online and aiding in the construction of the facility when called upon.”
Stan McKown, General Manager

American Aluminum Extrusion Co . - Beloit, Wisconsin

"Alliant Energy's Shared Savings allowed us to improve process efficiency and produce a higher quality product.”
Sam Popa, Vice President

Karavan Trailers - Fox Lake, Wisconsin

"Anything Alliant Energy has done for us has been done well. Any time we've had a problem, they've been there for us."
Mike Boyd, Vice President in charge of facilities

RB Royal Industries - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

"Alliant Energy's expertise and capital allowed us to make the right equipment investments in our new building. We may not have been able to afford the project without Shared Savings. It definitely created an opportunity for our success."
John Valek, Executive Vice President and General Manager