You can make a difference

When you save energy, everybody wins. With Hometown Rewards, you can save energy, save money and earn rewards for Ottumwa. 

We are partnering with the city of Ottumwa to reach the goal of reducing the city’s energy usage by 4%. If Ottumwa reduces its energy usage by 451kWh per home within two years, we will help fund an energy-efficient project for the community. 

Energy-saving ideas

Adopting energy-efficient behaviors and investing in energy-efficient upgrades can help lower your energy bill and help Ottumwa meet its 4% reduction goal.

  • Recycle a second old refrigerator and/or deep freezer and consider not replacing it
  • Switch to LED bulbs
  • Replace an electric water heater with a heat pump water heater
  • Air seal and insulate your home heated with electric furnace or baseboard heat (at least 450 sq ft.)
  • Upgrade your air conditioner to an energy-efficient model 

We offer rebates for many energy-saving initiatives including LED light bulbs, AC tuneups, recycling old appliances and more. 

Saving energy will help your community become more energy efficient and earn its Hometown Rewards incentive.