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Karner blue butterfly

We are actively restoring and preserving a suitable habitat for this endangered butterfly on the land we manage.

Osprey nests

Our crews work to protect these birds when they nest near electric poles.

Peregrine falcons

Our generating station nesting boxes provide a safe place for falcons to bear offspring.


Every April, employees at our Kilbourn Dam help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources collect sturgeon to help with reproduction and restoration efforts.

Responsibility Report

As good corporate citizens, we take great pride in finding new ways to improve the environment we all live and work in. It’s equally important that we thoughtfully address the social needs of our communities. Building stronger communities requires creating a more diverse workforce. It also requires taking actions to build unity and trust. It’s why we are passionate about and support programs that focus on social justice, education and housing. We believe these actions help build equitable, respectful and resilient communities that are filled with opportunity. Collectively, these are key elements of our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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Tree planting program

Through our Branching Out program, communities can work together with Alliant Energy and Trees Forever to fund and implement tree-planting projects. Celebrating more than two decades of plantings, Branching Out encourages energy efficiency, environmental awareness and community stewardship in Iowa.

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information website

The purpose of the website is to comply with the requirement to develop a publicly accessible internet site pursuant to the Hazardous and Solid Waste Management System; Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) From Electric Utilities; Final Rule (40 CFR § 257.107).

Visit the CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information website
A clean energy future

How are we going to get there? With a strong strategy that includes renewable and highly efficient energy sources.

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Support renewable energy with no hassle!

We’ll buy more renewable energy on your behalf when you participate in Second Nature™.

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