January 2018 edition 

Advancing clean energy

Iowa’s largest solar garden launched in Dubuque, Iowa

Our West Dubuque solar garden is now fully operational and is the largest solar garden in Iowa. It consists of 21 acres, is rated at five megawatts, and features more than 15,600 solar panels.

Also within our portfolio, the Port of Dubuque solar garden has completed its construction. It is rated at 1.2 megawatts and features more than 3,500 solar panels.

Together these two projects generate about enough energy in one year to meet the annual energy needs of 850 homes. These are just a few examples of how we are advancing clean energy within our service territory.

Learn more about our energy vision at alliantenergy.com/renewables.

Project roundup

The latest projects in Iowa and Wisconsin


American Packaging Corporation completes construction

American Packaging Corporation (APC) recently completed construction of a new production facility in DeForest, Wisconsin. The new $50 million plant, the first of a multi-phase project, encompasses 170,000 square feet and employs 60 people. APC is a Rochester, New York based, family-owned flexible packaging converter specializing in flexographic and rotogravure printing, multi-ply extrusion and adhesive lamination of film, paper and foil for pouch and bag fabrication.

APC acquired 26.3 acres in the DeForest Northern Business Park to accommodate all phases of the project. Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s “Certified in Wisconsin” sites program was credited for meeting American Packaging’s tight timeline for completing phase-one of the project. Wisconsin’s certified sites have been reviewed by Deloitte Consulting ensuring that all issues for development have been cleared so that a company can begin construction of their facility more quickly.

Iowa State University announces new science complex to serve grain based industries

Iowa State University (ISU) recently announced a new feed mill and grain science complex. The proposed $21.2 million facility will include a feed mill tower and feed milling and mixing structures, grain storage bins and a one-story classroom and laboratory building. The facility will also be available for rent by private industry, for continuing education and extension programs for employees in feed milling and grain industries. Iowa has the highest concentration of agricultural feedstock and chemical employment of any state, which underlines the importance of this facility.

The new facility is expected to improve the quality of research by Iowa State University faculty, serving as a source for custom-made animal feeds for academic studies. Variability and inconsistency in making experimental diets have been a stumbling block in the past — one that will likely be eliminated or reduced through use of the new facility. ISU students will use the complex to perform research and prepare animal feeds to meet the dietary requirements for livestock.

Much of the nation’s corn and corn products, particularly for pork, beef, dairy and poultry feeds, is processed at feed mills throughout Iowa. During the past decade, commercial feed consumption in Iowa has doubled to 15 million tons. At about 5 million tons, corn byproducts from ethanol plants represent the largest ingredient source in animal feeds.

For over a century ISU has provided world-renowned agricultural education, and is the primary reason Iowa is home to more plant and soil scientists than any other state.

Development ready sites in Iowa and Wisconsin

Alliant Energy serves thousands of large industrial customers throughout its two-state service area. We understand the considerations your clients have when looking to expand and relocate.

To help facilitate the connection of our customers and prospective customers, we have identified Alliant Energy Growth Sites. A site identified as an Alliant Energy Growth Site meet strict criteria and provides assurance that these properties are ready for development and helps streamline the process. Alliant Energy either controls these industrial properties or partners with regional organizations or local municipalities that have a stake in economic development.

Alliant Energy Growth Site requirements:

  • At least 80 acres of land under development-friendly control located within Alliant Energy’s electric and/or natural gas service area
  • Designated as ready-for-development by a reputable third-party state, local or site selector program
  • A complete listing on LOIS, including the land sale price
  • Recent regional workforce and/or labor shed study data

Alliant Energy Growth Sites at a glance:

Prairie View Industrial Center - Ames, Iowa

The industrial site consists of 730 acres located next to Interstate 35 and north of four-lane U.S. Highway 30. The Union Pacific Railroad serves the property off the adjacent double track east-west mainline.

View on LOIS

Brownell’s Business Park - Grinnell, Iowa

The 184 acre site provides easy access for transporting materials throughout the country. Interstate 80 provides the south boundary to the industrial park and four-lane IA Highway 146 runs through the property. The site is certified through the State of Iowa Certified Site Program which is administered by McCallum Sweeney Consulting.

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Lincolnway Industrial Rail and Air Park - Clinton, Iowa

The 350 acre park is located adjacent to four-lane US Highway 30 and the Clinton Regional Airport. The Union Pacific East-West mainline runs to the south with a dedicated spur running into the park along with a 10,000 foot siding. The site is certified through the State of Iowa Certified Site Program which is administered by McCallum Sweeney Consulting.

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Commerce Center of Southeast Iowa - Middletown, Iowa

This 152 acre site is located on the 19,000 acre Iowa Army Ammunition Plant and is one of several perimeter industrial sites available for development. The site is bordered by existing BNSF rail service, rail storage and cross-dock capable warehousing. The site is certified through the State of Iowa Certified Site Program which is administered by McCallum Sweeney Consulting and the BNSF railroad programs.

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Dubuque, Iowa site added to Alliant Energy’s Growth Site program

With the addition of Dubuque Iowa’s Industrial Center West McFadden Property, Alliant Energy has added another site within our Growth Site program. The property contains 103 buildable acres and is located only one mile from four-lane U.S. Highway 20 connecting to Interstate 35. It is also linked to Interstates 80 and 90 via four-lane U.S. Highway 61 and Interstates 39 and 94 (Madison, WI) via four-lane U.S. Highway 151. The site is certified through the State of Iowa Certified Site Program which is administered by McCallum Sweeney Consulting and the BNSF railroad programs.

Dubuque stands among the Mississippi river bluffs at the junction of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, a region locally known as the Tri-State Area. The Greater Dubuque area commands a central North American location in the heart of the Midwest, a convenient distance from major urban areas and large consumer markets; 66.8 million people live within 500 miles. Multiple transit and shipping options make it easy to get products to market, including four-lane connections, rail service, a regional commercial airport and Mississippi River barge harbor service.

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Check out additional Growth Sites, past newsletters and more at alliantenergy.com/economicdevelopment.

For more detailed information contact Senior Economic Development Manager Mark Seckman at (319) 786-4392.