We can make a difference in powering the economic growth of your community, county or regional economic development organization. In addition to our partnership programs, we provide comprehensive support for business attraction and retention, as well as energy usage consultation.

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Our partnership programs include (click to learn more):


This program is available in Iowa only. To be eligible for funding, the following program conditions must be met:

Building and site information

Updated information for sites, buildings and community profiles on LocationOne Information Systems (LOIS).

The organization’s website must have a link to alliantenergy.com/economicdevelopment.

Marketing plan and financials

Marketing plan, detailed budget for the project and a list of current board members’ mailing and email addresses sent to Alliant Energy.

Alliant Energy community partner logo

Recipients of funds must identify themselves as an Alliant Energy partner on all company-printed materials, websites and signage. To obtain the logo, contact your Alliant Energy representative.

Available building and site

Communities must be served by Alliant Energy and have either: (1) an available industrial building or (2) an improved industrial site. This condition does not apply to communities with a population under 5,000.

Alliant Energy involvement

Communities and local development organizations must agree to involve Alliant Energy development staff in prospect visits.

Disclosure of additional funds

Communities and local development organizations must disclose receipt of funds from other sources.

Other considerations also include whether the organization has an expansion program to retain businesses.

We encourage and offer special consideration for innovative ideas and projects that improve the economic viability of our communities. We welcome the opportunity to hear about your ideas. Work with your Alliant Energy representative to discuss opportunities for funding through our programs.

Award amount criteria

Our Economic Development team meets monthly (January to October) to review applications.

Final award decisions are made by our Economic Development team and are evaluated with regards to project need, impact, leverage of other funding, innovation, capacity and sustainability.

Financial support to applicants representing more than one community (i.e. county or regional organizations) may be prorated based on the proportion of the area served by Alliant Energy.

NOTE: Payout of awards may be adjusted based on final receipts received after the project but will not exceed the original approved amount.

Funding is subject to availability relative to the number of requests received throughout the year.

Application process

The application period is from January 1 through September 30.

Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month. Applications that are approved must submit documentation that eligibility requirements have been met by October 31 of the same calendar year in order to receive an award.

Projects must be completed in the year that the application was received by Alliant Energy. Awards cannot be carried over to the following year.

Program Award Examples
(not inclusive)
Professional development Cost of tuition up to $550 annually per professional Scholarships
Workforce development 40% of project ($5,000 maximum)

Laborshed and benefit surveys
Workforce development project

Retention, marketing and recruitment 40% ($5,000 maximum) Business retention and expansion
Impact analysis
Industrial market support
Innovation and growth projects
Community development  40% ($5,000 maximum) Brownfield redevelopment
Downtown revitalization
Housing-needs assessment
Leadership development
Local leadership program
Small-community assistance
Strategic planning 

The energy services provided by Alliant Energy for the project will affect the maximum amount of the award.

Service eligibility:

  • Electric and gas communities are generally eligible for 100% of program cost.
  • Electric-only communities are generally eligible for 75% of program cost.
  • Gas-only communities are generally eligible for 50% of program cost.

Find out if your community is electric and gas, electric-only or gas-only

Partnership Programs Application Form.pdf
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