Industrial Center West McFadden Property
Chavenelle Road
Dubuque, Iowa

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  • 103 acres zoned industrial and certified for development
  • Located in Dubuque, Iowa – the oldest city in Iowa
  • Land is near major U.S. Highways that connect to Interstates 35, 80, 90, 39 and 94

About the site

Industrial Center West McFadden Property is centrally located in Dubuque, Iowa - the oldest city in Iowa - and includes 103 acres of buildable land. The property is within one mile of four-lane U.S. Highway 20 which connects directly to U.S. Interstate 35. It is also linked to U.S. Interstates 80 and 90 via four-lane U.S. Highway 61, and Interstates 39 and 94 (Madison, Wisconsin) via four-lane U.S. Highway 151. The site has been certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting and is zoned for industrial construction.

Known as the “Key City”, Dubuque stands among the Mississippi river bluffs at the junction of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, a region locally known as the Tri-State Area. The community serves as the main commercial, industrial, educational and cultural center for the metropolitan service area of the seven surrounding counties. Vast transit and shipping options makes it easy to get products to market, including four-lane connections, rail service, local and regional commercial airports and Mississippi River barge harbor service.