Rate classes

Each of our states have distinct rate classes and structures based on customer usage. As you plan your project, our economic developers will help you determine your rate class, what options may be available at that rate and determine a cost estimate for your operation.

You’ll go into the project with an understanding of your energy costs for the future. That relationship doesn’t end when you start digging. Our experienced Account Management team will be with you every step of the way to update information, inform you about changes and help you implement energy efficiency options in your facility. It’s a one-on-one relationship that you won’t get from every utility provider.

Special rate options

Special rates reduce energy prices.

Wisconsin rate options* include:

  • Time of Day pricing
  • Interruptible program
  • New Load Market Pricing program

Iowa rate options* include:

  • Economic development rate
  • Interruptible program
  • High volume industrial rate
  • Brownfield redevelopment rate

*Eligibility guidelines apply

Energy-efficiency savings

Our energy-efficiency programs help you get the most from your construction dollars and save you money in operations as well.

The key is to get us involved early! We walk you through the process with you and find a custom fit for your energy-efficiency needs.

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Published tariffs

Provided is a complete list of our electric and natural gas tariffs for customers in Iowa and Wisconsin.

If you’d prefer we can do the research and help you identify what is best for your business or project.

Powering beyond in your community

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Our Diversity Commitment

Respect is a Core Value at Alliant Energy. We treat everyone with respect, and we want people of diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives to feel like they belong.

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