Chemical equations

Iowa and Wisconsin offer a diverse and fast growing bioscience sector that is outpacing the nation in scientific innovations, reshaping all aspects of biotech development.

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Food processing and ingredients

hand processing raspberries

Our service area offers a variety of large certified industrial sites – mitigating risk, simplifying the permitting process and expediting the construction time.

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Indoor agriculture

Lettuce leafs

We look forward to partnering with indoor agriculture operators to make Wisconsin and Iowa their next home for growing healthier fruits and vegetables.

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Original equipment manufacturing

Welding sparks

Technological advancements made by Wisconsin and Iowa manufacturers have continued to lead industry trends, in both productivity and sustainability.

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Water bottle manufacturing

Iowa and Wisconsin have all forms of packaging covered from paper and board packaging to plastic bottles, shrink wrap, pouches, trays and cans.

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Plastics and polymers

Plastics manufacturing machine

Our companies utilize the full range of processing methods including injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, rotational molding and thermoforming.

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