Please be aware that there are projects we don’t fund. Review this list in its entirety before you apply for a grant.

  • Organizations that are not either: (1) registered, nonprofit organizations as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code; (2) fully accredited public or private schools or universities; or (3) instruments of federal, state or local governments as provided by Section 170(c)(1) of the Code
  • Religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, temples or other houses of worship, or any organization whose main purpose is to promote a specific faith, creed or religion and/or direct resources to advocate for a specific ideology
  • Organizations that discriminate against age, race, creed, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or national origin
  • Fiscal agents
  • Contributions to intermediary (“third-party”) funding groups that raise money to distribute to other charities
  • Fraternal or social clubs
  • Programs that provide assistance with energy costs or energy-related projects that conflict with the Internal Revenue Service's rules that govern self-dealing by private foundations. Ineligible projects include:
    • Energy-efficiency building upgrades
    • New or improved lighting fixtures and equipment
    • Emergency generators
    • Holiday light displays
    • Other projects that may provide a benefit to Alliant Energy or its utility subsidiaries
  • Arts and culture programs, including education programs
  • Health, mental health and wellness programs, including education programs
  • Capital campaigns and renovations, including:
    • Emergency vehicles
    • New construction, structural renovations, repairs or similar projects
    • Athletic playing fields or courts
    • Swimming pools and splash pads
    • Restroom facilities
  • Multi-year pledge requests
  • Endowments
  • Contributions to individuals
  • Ads in programs, door prizes, raffle tickets, dinner tables, golf outings or sponsorships of organized sports teams or activities
  • Athletes, teams, sporting events or tournaments
  • Registration or participation fees for individuals, teams or schools for fundraising events, e.g., walk-a-thons, runs, travel funds for tours or tournaments
  • Books, magazines or professional journals
  • Computers, laptops or iPads
  • Field trips
  • K-9 service dogs or related equipment
  • Security, dashboard or body cameras
  • Training equipment
  • Tazers or active shooter trauma kits
  • Salaries, facilities costs, trainings, conference attendance, or other operating expenses, which are not a priority of our grant making
  • Arts and culture programs, including education programs
  • Health, mental health and wellness programs, including education programs

Generally, we prefer to provide grants to support specific programs, projects or initiatives in lieu of general operating support. Please note: Support of political activity either directly or indirectly is prohibited by law.

We also encourage you to review our frequently asked questions. If you require further information, please contact our office at 866-769-3779 or by email at

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors consisting of officers of Alliant Energy Corporation or its subsidiaries, which periodically reviews grant program guidelines.

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