People at the HD Youth Center holding a large check from the Alliant Energy Foundation.

The Alliant Energy Foundation’s Community Grants are directed to nonprofit programs and projects that benefit customers in Alliant Energy communities in Iowa and Wisconsin. We fund projects in four focus areas: Hunger and Housing, Workforce Readiness, Environmental Stewardship, and Diversity, Safety and Wellbeing.


Grants from the Foundation typically range from $500 to $5,000, with an average grant of $2,500.

Before taking your time to apply, please read all the information below. Please also review our frequently asked questions page and visit the page on projects we don’t fund. We strongly encourage all applicants to contact us about your project prior to completing the application. We can be reached at  1-866-769-3779 or

  • Projects we fund
  • Projects we don’t fund
  • The grant application process
  • How to apply for a grant
Creative Adventure Lab representatives receiving a large check from Alliant Energy Foundation.

Projects we fund

Community grants will be provided for programs that support organizations working in the areas outlined below. If you’re not sure if your program aligns with one of these areas, please contact us at 1-866-769-3779. We’re happy to provide guidance and input.

Hunger and Housing

In this category, we specifically support programs in these areas:
  • Clothing, Household NeedsClothing, cribs, car seats and programs that provide other household necessities and essentials, school supplies
  • Food, NutritionPantries, delivery programs, school programs to help underserved with basic needs, meal outreach, backpack nutrition programs, refrigerators and freezers
  • Housing, ShelterEmergency/homeless shelter support, refrigerators and freezers (not furnaces, boilers, space heaters, etc.); transition and permanent housing programs, housing for people with disabilities

Workforce Readiness

In this category, we specifically support programs in these areas:
  • Agriculture - FFA, 4-H, school garden programs, farm education and innovation; county fairs
  • Literacy - School and general library programs, summer reading, bookmobile, adult literacy programs
  • STEM - Science, technology, engineering and math programming, innovation, workshops, interactive classroom programs/tools, related afterschool/summer programs
  • Workforce Development - Career exploration and job training programs for kids, employment skills for disadvantaged youth, employment for people with disabilities
  • Youth Development, Mentoring - Leadership and mentoring, anti-bullying, at-risk afterschool programs, YMCA

Environmental Stewardship

In this category, we specifically support programs in these areas:
  • Environmental Conservation - Protection or conservation of wildlife spaces; planting trees and prairies, habitat creation and protection, water cleanup
  • Environmental Education - Public education, workshops, or school programs about environmental issues, endangered species, wildlife protection
  • Park UpdatesCity parks, benches, signage, picnic tables
  • Trail Projects - Wildlife areas - benches, signage, picnic tables, garden beds, trail maintenance

Diversity, Safety and Wellbeing

In this category, we specifically support programs in these areas;
  • First Responders - Life-saving/protective equipment for first responders, thermal imaging cameras, gas monitors, fire protective gear, AEDs
  • Disaster Readiness & Relief - Relief from natural disasters and fires, pandemics
  • Domestic/Child Abuse - Safe houses and shelters, prevention and awareness programs
  • Equity and Inclusion - We support and look for programs focused on equity and inclusion of all underrepresented (minoritized) groups, community education programs creating equal rights for people of color, LGBTQ+, women, Veterans and other historically under-represented groups.

Community Engagement

  • Community Playgrounds – Open to the general public; standard grant of $1,000

Additionally, organizations need to meet all of the following criteria.

  • The program must take place and serve customers within the Alliant Energy service territory.
  • The organization is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a valid IRS tax ID (EIN); or a governmental unit, town, village, or city; or an accredited school, college or university. Churches are not included.
  • Organizations should not have received another grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation within the current calendar year.

Qualities of strong grant proposals

  • Exhibit community partnerships and funding support from various sources
  • Meet identified community needs and have measureable impact
  • Demonstrate strong financial management and board commitment
  • Are sustainable and demonstrate innovative solutions

Projects we don't fund

Please review the entire list of projects we don't fund before applying for a Community Grant.
Charitable foundation programs

The Foundation's community grant programs reflect our commitment to play an active role in the communities we serve.

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