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Grant-making cycle and application deadlines
Areas of focus
Types of support and grant amounts
Requesting a grant
Funding process


Grant-making cycle and application deadlines

Grant cycle Grant request submission deadline Grant request submissions accepted Decision date
1 March 1 February 1 - March 1 May 1
2 September 1 August 1 - September 1 November 1

GRANT APPLICATIONS may be submitted in the thirty days prior to each deadline using our online application portal. If a deadline or decision date listed above occurs on a weekend or holiday the appropriate action will occur on the following business day.

Grants for a project on a particular date should be requested so that a decision can be made prior to the actual start date of the program or event.

If you would like to prepare information for a grant request in between grant cycles, please review our list of Community Grant Questions. 



How do I qualify for a grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation?

We provide support to a wide array of non-profit organizations within the Alliant Energy service area. Eligible institutions include charitable organizations holding a current Section 501(c)(3) designation letter from the Internal Revenue Service, fully accredited public or private schools and universities, and instruments of a federal, state or local government as provided by Section 170(c)(3) of the Code.

What if my program is located outside the Alliant Energy utility service area?

We place priority on supporting organizations in areas where Alliant Energy has a presence and in communities where Alliant Energy employees live and work.

Non-profit organizations located outside of Alliant Energy's utility service territory but that serve populations in Alliant Energy's areas are also eligible for consideration.

I have two projects that I would like the Foundation to support/fund. Can I submit more than one grant proposal for review?

An organization will only be eligible to receive funding once per calendar year. We ask that you only submit one application per cycle.

We received a cash grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation earlier this year. Am I eligible to receive another grant for a different project?

Typically, only one grant will be committed to an organization in a calendar year. For example, if your organization receives a grant anytime in 2020, you are able to apply again in 2021. Some exceptions may be made when an organization hosts multiple divisions or departments, or when the projects target different areas of focus.

Areas we fund

Through our Community Grants and Hometown Safety Grants, we support nonprofits and community partners in four major categories: Hunger and Housing, Workforce Readiness, Environmental Stewardship, and Diversity, Safety and Wellbeing. 

  • Hunger and Housing: This category funds community programs offering families tools for meeting their basic needs and helping them thrive. This includes clothing, household needs, food and nutrition, housing and shelter support. 
  • Workforce Readiness: We support programs such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, literacy, workforce development, youth development and mentoring and agriculture education which align with our business and help develop the Alliant Energy employees of tomorrow.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We provide environmental grants to organizations that seek to educate, inform and advance environmental issues that have the potential to impact our communities. Programs include environmental conservation and education, park updates and trail projects.
  • Diversity, Safety and Wellbeing: We support Equity and Inclusion reform, community education programs creating equal rights for people of color, LGBTQ+, women, Veterans and other historically under-represented groups. We also provide funding for life-saving/protective equipment for first responders, disaster readiness and relief, and domestic and child abuse prevention and awareness programs.

Types of support and grant amounts

Do you only provide cash grants?

The Foundation focuses its resources on providing cash grants to qualifying non-profit organizations. If you have a specific request, please send it to

What is an appropriate request amount?

There is no standard amount that should be requested. The amount should be based on the program's budget, existing organizational resources, and the forecast for additional funding.

As you determine the amount to be requested, keep in mind that we have limited resources and there are a significant number of needs in all the communities we serve. A request for an amount that is not feasible may eliminate your project from our consideration.

What is the range in size of Alliant Energy Foundation grants?

Our grant-making process is highly competitive. Due to the volume of requests we receive, our focus areas are broad. Based on the past several years, the majority of our grants have been for $2,500 or less for Helping Families, Education or Environmental initiatives. Our grants for Hometown Safety are typically not more than $1,000. Grants of $7,500 or more are rare.

We consider many factors, including the specific project, program or initiative to be funded and the organization making the request, to determine funding amounts. Before allocating grants, our team also takes into consideration many aspects of your proposal, including your organization's mission, strategy, reputation, financial health, support from other funding sources, and the proposal's overall budget and projected impact on the community.

Playground Equipment Guidelines:

Playground equipment grants will be awarded only to Alliant Energy communities and are for $1,000.

Because funds are limited, we need to exclude private and daycare facilities from receiving playground equipment grants. The matching gift program was expanded to allow for employee interest in funding private school's initiatives.

Will the Alliant Energy Foundation consider a request for capital needs?

Currently, the Foundation does not fund capital campaigns or projects. We choose to direct more resources to projects and organizations that address community needs and benefit a large number of people.

Do you support organizations that are requesting funds for general operating support?

Generally, we prefer to provide grants for specific programs, projects or initiatives in lieu of general operating support.

Requesting a grant

How do I apply for a grant? 

The Alliant Energy Foundation utilizes an online grant request process. There are two Community Grants cycles per year with deadlines on March 1 and September 1. If a deadline or decision date is on a weekend or holiday, the appropriate action will occur on the following business day.

Our online application program will be open for one month prior to each of these deadlines, so please check back for information on how to access the link for Community Grant submissions.

If the website is only open at certain times, how can I prepare a grant request in advance?

You may review a list of the questions we ask on our grant application.

Will you still accept paper application forms?

No. We only accept grant applications through our online application portal.

There is not sufficient space in the online application to answer the questions. What should I do?

We encourage you to be as brief and concise as possible when completing your request. Please keep in mind that each "character" you are allowed in your answer is a space, whether it contains a letter or not. If you create outlines or bulleted lists in a document and copy and paste it into the application, you may run out of space quickly because of all the blank spaces those formats create.

If you have more information you want to share with us, you may include it in either download we request: your Board of Directors list and the budget for your project. However, we ask that you do not include more than a few additional pages.

Should we send the Foundation a copy of our grant request or any additional documentation?

No, we do not need copies of your request. If you have any additional information you would like to provide to us, please scan it along with your project budget or the list of your Board of Directors. We ask that you do not send us anything regarding your grant request in the mail.

What do you mean when you ask for a “complete listing of the organizations officers and board of directors, indicating their affiliations and roles separate from the organization"?

We are interested in knowing the names of your board members as well as what companies or community groups they represent and their responsibilities/titles with that company or group.

The online application opens 30 days prior to the grant cycle deadline and must be submitted by the request deadline stated above. As a general rule, requests for funding will not be considered outside of one of the two grant-making cycles. Grants for a project on a particular date should be requested so that a decision can be made prior to the actual date of the program or event. The Foundation will accept proposals in any of its areas of focus during each cycle.

Priority is given to those projects that:

  • Originate from organizations in areas where Alliant Energy has a presence and in communities where Alliant Energy employees live and work. (Non-profit organizations located outside of Alliant Energy’s utility service territory but that serve populations in Alliant Energy’s areas are also eligible for consideration.)
  • Exhibit community partnerships and funding support from various sources;
  • Meet identified needs and have a measurable impact in the community;
  • Come from organizations that exhibit strong financial management and board commitment;
  • Are sustainable and demonstrate innovative solutions to problems; and/or
  • Have an internal “advocate” or “sponsor” within the Alliant Energy family of companies.


Funding process

Who makes the funding decisions?

Requests are reviewed by the Foundation staff with input from local employees in the Alliant Energy service areas that are targeted by the organization, project, program or initiative. Local employee panels make funding recommendations.

The Foundation board of directors, which is composed of executives of Alliant Energy Corporation approves all budgets and any grants of $10,000 or more.

How can I improve my chances of receiving a grant?

You can increase the possibility of receiving a grant and improve the quality of your proposal by carefully reviewing our guidelines and ensuring that your request is complete, well organized, concise and includes all of the required documents. Incomplete requests will not be considered.

Our non-profit is based in a small community and we are sending the request to your headquarters. How can we be sure that our proposal will receive a fair and thorough review?

To ensure sensitivity to local needs in all Alliant Energy service communities, the Foundation staff works closely with managers and employees who live or work in the area that will benefit from a specific program, project or initiative for which a grant is sought. The local review panels make the funding recommendations.

Administering our grants program from a centralized, headquarters location reduces costs and ensures that maximum resources are available to fund grants.

When will we be notified if we have received a grant?

We expect to make funding decisions according to the timetable outlined for each grant-making cycle and will notify the contact person identified in the grant request by e-mail.

Why do you want my organization’s ACH banking information?

Alliant Energy prefers to transfer funds electronically rather than sending or delivering paper checks. ACH reduces our administrative processing fees which means we have more dollars to support important community work.

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