You can base a Job Search Agent on keywords, location, job categories and more. When a new position is posted that fits your criteria, you will get an email alert and can then return here to apply for the job.

You can set up as many Job Search Agent saved searches as you like, and return anytime to edit or delete them. Don’t miss out on a great job opportunity – use the instructions below to set up your Job Search Agent(s) now!

  1. Access the online application system from the “Current Job Openings” page.
  2. If you’ve already registered, log in to the system. If you haven’t, click the link to register.
  3. After registering or logging in, navigate to “Search agent manager.”
  4. When you are brought to the search agent manager page, click on the “Create new search agent” button to begin creating a new search agent.
  5. A new window will pop up allowing you to create a new saved search. Fill in the search fields with information to match a position you are looking for and then select the “Save” button. As noted on the page, Job Search Agents automatically expire 90 days after their creation or renewal date. You can renew active search agents on the “Search agent manager” page.
  6. After you have saved your search, a Search saved window will pop up. Close this window by clicking “Close window” or the red “X” button in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  7. When you return to the Search Agent Manager page, you may need to refresh your screen or navigate back to the Home screen for the online application system.
  8. Once you have returned to the Home screen for the online application system, you can see your search saved at the bottom of the screen. You can run the search immediately from this page. You can also navigate back to the “Search agent manager” page to see a detailed view of your search.
  9. When you navigate back to the “Search agent manager” page, you can view more detailed information about your search. You also have the ability to edit the search, change the email frequency, renew the search, delete one or more search agents and even run your search to see if any current job postings match your search. In the future, you will automatically be notified by email of any new job postings that match your search criteria.
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