We have partnered with Western Union® Speedpay® to give you the option to pay by credit card, debit card or electronic funds transfer from your savings or checking account.

Western Union accepts VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® credit cards or debit cards bearing the STAR®, NYCE®, PULSE® or ACCEL® logo.


  • $2.99 per $600 transaction for residential customers
  • $11.50 per $2,000 transaction for business customers*

* Not all business customers may be eligible. Please contact your Key Account Manager for eligibility requirements.

To pay via internet:

Use your Alliant Energy account number to log in to the online Western Union® Speedpay® system.

To pay over the phone:

Call 1-877-429-4126, and follow the voice instructions.

Before you make a Western Union® Speedpay® payment, please note:

The Western Union® Speedpay® option is available for a one-time use or recurring payments.

Western Union® Speedpay® payments are posted to your account within three business days. If you are paying due to a disconnect notice, call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) with your Western Union® Speedpay® confirmation number so we can note it on your account.

Western Union® Speedpay® charges a convenience fee for each transaction to cover the costs of processing credit card, debit card and electronic funds transfer payments.

Western Union® Speedpay® does NOT allow duplicate payment amounts from the same bank account or card number on the same day.

There is a daily $2,000 limit for non-residential customers.

Customers are limited to no more than three payments via Western Union® Speedpay® in any consecutive five-day period and a maximum of five payments in any consecutive 30-day period.

About the Western Union® Speedpay® convenience fee

Alliant Energy utilizes a third party, Western Union® Speedpay®, to provide you with the ability to use your credit card, debit card or electronic funds transfer to make payments.

The convenience fee is the amount Western Union® Speedpay® charges to cover processing fees and transaction costs associated with handling credit card, debit card or electronic funds transfer payments.

Other companies are able to add the price of processing these requests to their overall price of goods and services. Because Alliant Energy is a regulated utility, we are unable to do that.

By charging only the customers who use this service, it's a fair way to pay for this option. Only the customers who choose to use this service will be charged the fee.

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