Better blades + better turbines = more clean energy for customers

Question: What’s 204 feet long and goes 233 mph? 

Answer: The newest blades being installed on some wind turbines we’re building across Iowa.

This summer, customers in Everly, Iowa, had an opportunity to see one of these new wind turbine blades as it was being delivered to our Upland Prairie Wind Farm in Clay and Dickinson counties. The blade, which was made in Newton, Iowa, was featured in the annual Community Days celebration. 

We’re advancing clean energy for our customers and communities, and we’re using new technology to make these projects even more efficient. 

Because there are no fuel costs associated with wind generation, projects like this will produce cost-effective, clean energy for decades. This expansion of wind energy is part of our plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 40% by 2030, as compared to 2005 levels.

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Stay safe when flying your drone

Drones have grown significantly in popularity over the last couple of years. They can do some amazing things, but drones can be dangerous when they are used near power lines, wind turbines and substations. 

Flying too close to these areas may affect your drone’s signal. Contacting power lines could cause a power outage or damage your machine. These tips will help you pilot your drone safely:

  1. Keep your drone in sight so you can avoid hazards when flying.
  2. To control your drone, avoid dark and windy conditions.
  3. Be on the lookout for electrical hazards. Make sure you fly more than 50 yards away from power lines, wind turbines and substations. 
  4. If your drone enters a substation or gets tangled in a line, do not attempt to retrieve it. Call us at 1-800-ALLIANT, and we will retrieve it.

Finishing up the last of your summer projects? Use a contractor from our Dealer Network!

Our online Dealer Locator helps you find a qualified local contractor for jobs like insulation, air sealing, plumbing, lighting, and heating and cooling. You can even check their Dealer Level designation to see how active they are in Alliant Energy rebate programs. 

To join the Dealer Network, contractors must meet several requirements: 

  • Have an up-to-date state or local contractor’s registration 
  • Carry $1 million in liability insurance
  • Have proof of automobile liability and workman’s compensation insurance 

What sets our Dealer Network members apart?

  • They stay up-to-date on the latest in rebates and energy-saving technologies. The more energy-saving projects they do, the higher their Dealer Level. 
  • They have direct access to the Alliant Energy rebate processing center, to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. 
  • They are held to a high standard. We keep a sharp eye on insurance expirations and customer complaints, but there aren’t many. Most dealers who join the network do so because they’re already driven to excel. 

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