Give the gift of renewable energy


It is no secret that renewable energy provides benefits to our environment. 

Our Second Nature™ program* enables you to support local, earth-friendly, renewable energy without owning or maintaining your own system. 

With your enrollment, we buy renewable energy that is produced from wind, solar and landfill gas located in Iowa and Wisconsin. 

You have options.

For just a few extra dollars per month, you can sign up to support renewable energy in amounts equal to 25%, 50% or 100% of your electric usage. 

Did you know?

Every household that participates in Second Nature at the 100% level reduces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to taking almost two passenger cars off the road for one year.

‘Tis the season. Give the gift of a cleaner energy future, and sign up for Second Nature today by visiting, calling 1-800-972-5325 or emailing

*The Second Nature program is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

Extra cash, extra cozy

Energy Assistance can help pay heating bills or weatherize your home. Eligibility for Energy Assistance is not affected by utility account or home ownership status. We encourage customers to apply now because funds for this heating season are limited. 

Remember that it is important to keep current on payments during the winter so you’re not behind in spring. If you do get behind on your energy bill, call us and we’ll work with you.

For income guidelines and eligibility: 1-866-674-6327,

To make payment arrangements call us at 1-800-255-4268, 6 a.m. – 9 p.m., Monday – Saturday

Consider an EV for your next vehicle

You can go farther now in an electric vehicle than ever before, with some cars getting 200 miles or more on a full battery.

For every $1.20 you spend in gas, you can drive the same distance in an electric vehicle on about $0.40 of electricity.

Gas engines have hundreds of moving parts to maintain. Electric motors have fewer than five.

Learn more about electric vehicles at