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Wind work gets underway

This year, we started generating energy from two new wind farms, and we are starting construction on three more. This is part of our $1.8 billion expansion of wind energy in Iowa. By adding 1,000 megawatts from wind, we can power nearly half a million Iowa homes.

The new wind farms we’re building are located in Franklin, Winnebago, Kossuth and Sac counties. Each turbine requires about 10 semitrucks to haul everything to the site. That’s one truck for each of the three blades, one truck for each of the three tower sections and trucks for the other parts like the generator and hub.

Over the next 40 years, all of our wind farms will deliver an estimated $670 million in property taxes to area communities. These wind farms will also pay more than $300 million in lease payments to landowners in the same time.

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Your energy is getting cleaner

In 2018, our investments in cleaner energy sources are making a change. The chart below shows where your electricity came from in 2018. We generated more energy from cleaner-burning natural gas last year.

This spring, our first two wind farms started generating energy. They are part of a $1.8 billion expansion of wind energy that will increase our owned wind energy by five times. Look for the amount of clean wind energy you use to drastically increase next year and every year going forward. 

Since 2010, we've retired, repurposed or converted one third of our coal-fired generation.

Air emission rates for Alliant Energy’s electricity generation in Iowa – by fuel type Percentage of overall power generated Pounds of emission per 1,000 kWh generated (a)
Generation sources we own 67.13 SO2 NOX CO2



1.52 2,337
Natural gas 31.72 0.00 0.05 882
Solar 0.02 N/A
Wind 4.76
Oil 0.19 0.08 4.79 2,545
Generation sources we purchase 32.87 N/A
Wind 4.04
Hydro 0.10
Biomass (b) 0.03
Second Nature wind 0.13
Nuclear 18.93
Solar 0.01
Other (c) 9.63 1.4 1.0 1,239

(a) Emissions estimates include electric generating units operating during 2018 calendar year for the primary purpose of producing electricity.
(b) Emission rates are not available for biomass purchase power.
(c) EPA published total output emission rates for the MROW subregion from U.S. EPA eGRID2016 Version Release February 2019 are available at: