Install a learning thermostat and get $50

A smart thermostat can help make life simple. It makes your home more energy efficient and can save you up to $120 annually!

Install a smart thermostat in your home and receive up to a $50 rebate. 
Order online from the Focus on Energy Marketplace to receive your $50 discount instantly. 

Fully charge your electric vehicle overnight

Install a Level 2 charging station 

Charge at home faster with a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station. A plug-in EV can charge four to six times faster with a Level 2 charging station when compared to using a standard household outlet. 

Depending on the vehicle you drive, you could have a fully-charged vehicle overnight!
Plus, you can receive up to a $500 rebate when you install a Level 2 charging station at your home. 

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Time to get rid of the old garage fridge

We’ll pick it up and haul it away for FREE

Spring cleaning time is coming! Time to open the windows, get some fresh air and start clearing out the garage. 

Consider recycling that old fridge or freezer that’s taking up room. Sure, it may be slightly cooling your food and beverages, but it’s probably costing you more than it’s worth. 

An old refrigerator can cost you more than $100 per year on your energy bill!

If it’s time to get rid of that old, working fridge or freezer, contact us! We’ll pick it up and recycle it for free. More than 90% of the parts can be recycled! 

Visit for details. 

Powering What's Next for education

Do you believe you can contribute great things to STEM?

92% of Maydm students say YES.

That’s great for two reasons:

  1. STEM careers are growing faster than jobs can be filled.
  2. Maydm students are primarily girls and youth of color - groups that are typically underrepresented in STEM.

Maydm engages and equips youth from underrepresented communities to boldly pursue futures in science, technology, engineering and math.

Our partnership supports our local community and raises up our future workforce.

Fueling girl power in STEM

  • Project: Innovation Studio Sessions
  • Partner: Maydm
  • Location: Wisconsin
  • Our gift: Grant covering 5 sessions, and reaching 100 students