Balloons, kites and power lines don’t mix 

Summer is a season of fun and celebration. Mylar balloons are a popular way to mark happy occasions, and flying a kite is a beloved pastime.

What’s great for a party or day in the park, though, is hazardous to the electrical system. Balloons and kites should never meet power lines or substation equipment. When they contact power equipment, damage and outages often result.

If you go to and search “Mylar balloon power line,” you can see what we mean. Contact between wires and balloons is hazardous to people’s safety – and the power grid. Similar searches about kites turn up videos that demonstrate the very real hazards to people and property.

Have fun, but be careful! The injury you avoid and the outage you prevent may be your own.

Improvements keep the power grid cool in the heat of summer

This time of year, air conditioners make the power grid work overtime. To keep power reliable as we use more and more energy, we’re installing new technology.

We’ve started a multi-decade project to upgrade our system to run at a higher voltage. It’s like we’re taking county roads and turning them into highways.

To do this, we’re installing bigger and stronger equipment. Our customers shouldn’t notice a difference in how the system looks, but we’ll see a huge difference in how the system works.

Did you know? It costs about $100,000 to replace a mile of power line.

What to expect during your AC tuneup

Nothing’s worse than a broken air conditioner in the middle of the summer. Fix problems before they start with a tuneup.

What happens in an air conditioner tuneup?

  1. Technicians typically start with a visual inspection. They will look at the fan, coils, refrigerant levels, air temperature and check for any leaks. They’ll also check your thermostat to make sure it is working properly.
  2. Next, the technician will clean your AC inside and out. Expect to see some vacuuming. The U.S Department of Energy says a clogged air filter can increase heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 15%. Change your filter every three months or earlier if it is dirty. 
  3. Ask the technician to make sure all of the moving parts in the air conditioner are properly lubricated. Friction can affect performance and increase energy use. 

The whole tuneup process only takes about an hour. And, we’ve got a rebate to help you with the cost, up to $50. Worth it? Definitely. Get more information and see qualifications at  

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Trees for your community

Through Branching Out, your community can work together with Alliant Energy and Trees Forever to fund and implement tree-planting projects.

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