Introducing our new Mobile App and text self-service options

In today’s world, life goes 100 miles per minute. Whether it’s running to another sporting event or figuring out what’s for dinner, we understand the need to make life simpler. 

With our new Mobile App, you can do just that! The app provides easy access to pay your bill, report electrical outages, sign up for Account Alerts and more. 

It’s quick. It’s convenient. It’s simple. 

Download it now from the Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for “Alliant Energy.”

Don’t have time to download the app right now? You can just Text Us! to get access in an instant. With our new Text Us! option, you can text 255255:

  • “REG” to register your phone from anywhere. 
  • “BAL” to get your account balance anytime.
  • “PAY” to pay your bill on the spot.
  • “OUT” to report an electrical outage 
    right away.
  • “APP” to get quick access to download the Mobile App.

    These are just a few ways we are working to simplify your experience. Learn more by visiting 

Stay safe using natural gas appliances

Most gas equipment installed today is designed to be energy efficient. It is equipped with electronic ignition systems that eliminate the need for a continuously burning pilot light – saving you energy and reducing the dangers. If you have a pilot light that may have gone out, be sure to call a professional for service.

As with any type of energy, the key to safety is common sense, but there are a few special rules to keep in mind with natural gas:

  • After disconnecting gas appliances, remove the connector and cap the lines. 
  • Leave at least an 18-inch air flow distance all the way around a gas furnace or water heater.
  • Keep paints, papers, aerosol sprays and other flammables away from gas appliances.
  • Never store or stack boxes, laundry or other materials around the base of a gas appliance.
  • Make sure the vent hood, pipes and flues aren’t blocked, cracked or corroded.
  • Don’t let kids play on or around the gas meter or any gas appliance.
  • Gas pipes should be properly maintained and never used for unintended purposes like hanging clothes. 
  • When using a gas range, keep long sleeves, towels and potholders away from the open flame.
  • Don’t set the water heater thermostat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Always check the water temperature before placing a child in the bathtub. Never leave a child alone or with other young children in the bathtub.

Using space heaters safely 

Gas space heaters are a safe way to heat an area, if used and maintained correctly. Do not install a used space heater. Never try to use a gas oven or range to heat a room – the appliance can use up all the available oxygen in the air causing asphyxiation, carbon monoxide poisoning and maybe even death. 

Always have your gas appliances and heating and venting system professionally installed. This ensures that all connections are secure, all vent pipes and flues are clean and undamaged, and that the appliance is adjusted properly and inspected according to local codes.

Be safe with fire pits

Never place a fire pit above a buried pipeline! If the fire gets too hot, it could cause the natural gas pipeline below it to leak or melt. Call 811 to have the underground utility lines located on your property.  

If you discover a gas leak:

  • Leave the area immediately and evacuate everyone form the home or building.
  • Go to a remote location, and call Alliant Energy at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268). We’ll investigate the leak for free.
  • If gas is blowing, also call 911.
  • Move quickly: Don’t stop to look for the leak or open windows. You can ventilate your home later, after Alliant Energy confirms it is safe.
  • Don’t use anything that might create a spark, such as a cellphone, light switch or garage door opener. These can ignite gases or vapors.

Investing in community safety

Grants help buy vital equipment

Through programs and grant opportunities, the Alliant Energy Foundation improves the quality of life across Iowa and Wisconsin. 

Hometown Safety Grants help communities and organizations access lifesaving and rescue equipment to protect and support first responders. 

In 2017, over $65,000 in safety grants were provided to communities in our service areas. These grants are part of Alliant Energy’s mission as an active participant locally as well as a steward to future generations.

The Alliant Energy Foundation is an independent, nonprofit philanthropic organization funded solely by the Alliant Energy Corporation, using shareowner dollars.

Keep your meters clear

To operate efficiently, natural gas equipment requires air for safe combustion and venting of household appliances. Do not place these vents directly above your gas meter. Snow and ice can damage or block natural gas meters and exhaust vents for appliances, especially after a major storm. Chimneys and vents on the roof or side of a building must be clear to allow proper venting, which prevents accumulation of carbon monoxide or equipment malfunction. 

To prevent this from happening after a storm:

  • Carefully remove snow or debris using your hands or a broom. Kicking or using a shovel could cause damage. 
  • Remove icicles hanging from the roof or eaves above the meter.
  • Don’t let dripping water or freezing rain build up on the meter. The vent can become plugged when ice and snow melt during the day and refreeze at night.
  • Don’t pile snow on or near the meter when shoveling or using a snow blower.