Support renewable energy for $2 a month

When you enroll in Second Nature, you support locally generated solar and wind energy. Choose an amount equal to 25%, 50% or 100% of your monthly electric usage.

Second Nature is the easy way for you to make a positive impact on the environment without buying expensive equipment.

Visit to determine your monthly contribution or to enroll. You can also enroll in My Account at

*Enrollment for the average residential usage of 783 kWh per month at the 25% contribution level.

How cleaner energy can change energy costs

We’re adding five times more owned wind energy for our customers. This is a great way to increase the sustainability of the energy supply, as well as help control electricity costs.

When we generate energy from traditional sources, we have to pay for the generator and the fuel it needs. However, with wind turbines, we only need to pay for the generator. The wind is free!

You can see this savings on your energy bill. The special line item called “Energy Cost” or “Fuel Cost” shows the costs we pay for fuel to run the generators. As we use more wind energy, you’ll see the savings right there – adjusting every month.

Of course, the turbines aren’t free. Those costs are also reflected on the bill. However, our forecasts show that the savings from the lower energy costs will outweigh the increase from the cost of the turbines long-term, while also adding jobs and strengthening Iowa’s economy.

We’re on track for renewables to make up 40% of our energy mix in Iowa by 2024.

Recycle appliances and save

Refrigerator recycle

If you have old, working refrigerators or freezers, now is the time to recycle them. You can get $50 for each appliance on the spot. Plus, we’ll haul them away for free. 

Recycling appliances can save up to $115 per year on your energy bill. It can even help preserve our planet by reducing carbon dioxide and landfill waste. 

Schedule your appliance pickup and learn more at