Age 69
Director Since 2006
Term Expires in 2019

Summary:  Mr. Hazel brings to the board his long-term executive leadership experience and his background in operations and customer service. He has been the principal of Darryl B. Hazel Consulting LLC, a business consulting firm in Detroit, Michigan, since 2010 when he retired as Senior Vice President, Global Services Initiatives of Ford Motor Company. Having started with Ford Motor Company in 1972, Mr. Hazel held various leadership positions with the company, including President of the Customer Service Division and Senior Vice President (2006 - 2009), President of Marketing (2005 - 2006), President of the Ford Division (2005), and President of the Lincoln Mercury Division (2002 - 2005). He has served as a Director of IPL and WPL since 2006.

Skills and Qualifications:  strategic leadership; financial acumen/literacy; operations; customer perspective; human resources/executive compensation; risk management; technology systems/cybersecurity; environmental and safety; diversity.

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