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Prospective Suppliers

Thank you for your interest in Alliant Energy!

We approach relationships with suppliers the way we approach everything else we do: looking for ways to deliver the energy and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly.

One of the main elements of our Strategic Plan is a focus on Competitive Costs, and suppliers can play a key role in helping us in this area. We are also very interested in working with diverse suppliers so that our suppliers reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

If you are interested in becoming one of Alliant Energy’s suppliers, please complete this form.


Conduct & Ethics

Alliant Energy expects all of its suppliers to adhere to the highest level of conduct and ethics in its dealings with Alliant Energy and when it is dealing on behalf of the Company with third parties. As such, Alliant Energy expects its suppliers to adhere to the Alliant Energy Code of Conduct.

Our Code requires that business dealings be fair, honest and objective. In particular, we expect that our suppliers will participate in bid processes and procurement practices in accordance with best practices, including communicating only with the named Alliant Energy representatives during contract negotiations or bid evaluations and refraining from ‘back door selling’ and attempts to influence Alliant Energy employees or senior management in order to obtain work.

Alliant Energy may disqualify suppliers who engage in these activities or violate the Alliant Energy Code of Conduct from continuing business with Alliant Energy and from making future bids.