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Corporate diversity policy

Corporate Hands
Respect is a core corporate value of Alliant Energy. This means that we treat people with respect and strive to create a workplace where people of diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives feel like they belong. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, gender, age, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, lifestyles, culture, education, ideas and background. At Alliant Energy we recognize, respect and appreciate the valuable and different perspectives that each of us bring to the work environment, our company and our customers.

Our goal is to break down barriers and create an inclusive environment that maximizes the contributions of all employees. Recognizing the work that needs to be done to improve diversity attitudes, behaviors and outcomes, Alliant Energy helped form the Diversity Focus organization. Diversity Focus seeks to work with businesses, government, education and all individuals and groups who embrace diversity to improve the welcoming nature of the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City corridor.