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Calculate Energy Use: For Your Business

Tools & Calculators

Commercial Energy BenchmarksCommercial Energy Benchmarks
Use the Commercial Energy Benchmarks tool to measure your business’ operating performance against industry standards and determine if you are on the right track to meet established goals.

Industrial Energy BenchmarksIndustrial Energy Benchmarks
Use the Industrial Energy Benchmarks tool to compare your facility’s data to the industry standard for similar facilities.

Commercial Energy EfficiencyCommercial Energy Efficiency
Use the Commercial Energy Efficiency Recommendations tool to get industry-specific advice on how your company can increase production, reduce costs, and save money.

Industrial Energy EfficiencyIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Taking on any efficiency improvement project can be a difficult task—as sometimes the greatest obstacle is simply knowing where to start. Now you can receive industry-tailored recommendations with the Industrial Energy Efficiency Recommendations tool to make the necessary changes to increase efficiency—and avoid less effective measures.

Performance BenchmarkingPerformance Benchmarking
Before you can improve your facility’s operation, you must understand how your company’s metrics measure up against that of top-performing companies in your specific industry. You will receive an immediate report showing your company’s performance on metrics including Growth, Productivity, Utilization, On-Time Delivery, and Quality.

Facility Assessment WizardFacility Assessment Wizard
Spend a few minutes with our Online Facility Assessment Wizard and uncover a wealth of information that can lower your energy costs, increase efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

Motor CalculatorMotor Calculator
If you are considering a motor upgrade, this simple calculator can help you determine your potential cost savings.

Lighting CalculatorLighting Calculator
If you are considering a lighting upgrade, this simple calculator can help you determine your potential energy cost savings.

Energy GlossaryEnergy Glossary
Despite experience level, everyone stumbles from time to time over the exact meaning of technical terms. Or, you may know the meaning of a word or term, but cannot quite get the official name off the tip of your tongue. There is no need to haul around a heavy glossary—just use ours!

Workplace PosterWorkplace Poster Info
Access information on how to obtain state and federal workplace posters for the specified state.

Energy PostersEnergy Posters
Send a gentle reminder to employee about saving energy with our free, downloadable Energy Posters, and watch your conservation efforts and energy savings substantially increase. 

Ask an ExpertAsk an Expert
Our researchers, development experts and engineers are available now to answer your industry-related questions at no cost to you.

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