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Calculate Energy Use: For Your Farm

Calculate your potential savings using the calculators below. When you’re ready to purchase, don’t forget to apply for rebates from Alliant Energy.

Automatic milker takeoffs
Eliminate over-milking and reduce your energy usage with automatic milker takeoffs.

Heat reclaimers
Lower your water heating costs by 50 to 75 percent with a milkhouse heat reclaimer.

High efficiency ventilation systems
Keep your livestock comfortable with energy-smart fan and motor combinations.

Low pressure irrigation systems
Low-pressure irrigation technology allows more efficient water distribution and lower energy costs.

Milk precoolers
Precooled milk reduces the demand on your bulk tank compressor - saving you energy and money.

Tractor heater timers
Tractor heater timers can save a significant amount of energy and still ensure the engine is warm enough to start.

Variable speed drives for dairy equipment
Why waste energy running motor driven equipment at full speed all of the time. Find out how much you can save using a VSD to match the speed – and energy consumption - with the load requirements.