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Calculate Energy Use: For Your Home

These five simple tools can get you started on the path toward a more energy-efficient home
Interactive Home
Find a way to save energy in every room of your house. 
Interactive home
Bill Impact Calculator
There are many little changes you can make to help you save big money on your energy bill and help conserve natural resources. Select different energy-efficiency actions to see how much you can save on electricity each year.
CFL Light Bulb Calculator
Just how much money can you save with compact fluorescent light bulbs? Find out now.
Bulb calculator
Clock-Programmable Thermostat Calculator
Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees can make a big difference in your energy bill. See how much you can save. 
CPT Calculator
LED Holiday Lights Calculator
How quickly can energy-saving LED holiday lights pay for themselves? The answer may surprise you. 
LED bulbs calc