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LED Color Quality and Life

LED Color Quality

Correlated Color Temperature
Correlated color temperature (CCT) describes the relative color appearance of a white light source, indicating whether it appears more yellow/gold or more blue, in terms of the range of available shades of white.

CCT is given in Kelvin (SI unit of absolute temperature) and refers to the appearance of a theoretical black body heated to high temperatures. As the black body gets hotter, it turns red, orange, yellow, white, and finally blue. The CCT of a light source is the temperature (in K) at which the heated black body matches the color of the light source in question.

Color Rendering Index
Another important measure of color quality used by the lighting industry is the color rendering index (CRI). CRI indicates how well a light source renders colors, on a scale of 0 to 100, compared to a reference light source of similar color temperature.

LED Life

 Light Source 

 Range of Typical Rated Life (hours)
(varies by specific lamp type)

 Estimated Useful Life




 Halogen incandescent



 Compact fluorescent (CFL)



 Metal halide



  Linear fluorescent



 High-Power White LED