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Second Nature™ for your home

Costs per participation level


The chart below estimates your average monthly participation costs in Minnesota and the minimal difference this extra cost will have on your bill.*

 Monthly electric use 25% level (+ $0.005/kWh) 50% level (+ $0.01/kWh) 100% level (+ $0.02/kWh)
 800 kWh $4.00 $8.00 $16.00
 1,021 kWh** $5.10 $10.21 $20.42
 1,200 kWh $6.00 $12.00 $24.00


* The energy supply cost (Rider 1M) will be modified such that kWh billed under the Second Nature Program shall reflect a charge of -$0.01053 per kWh applied to total metered kWh times the customer designated Second Nature participation level percent, and the adjustment amount computed under Rider 1M times the remaining kWh.

** Average monthly residential use for residential customers

  • 25% level participation: $0.005 charge per kilowatt-hour
  • 50% level participation: $0.010 charge per kilowatt-hour
  • 100% level participation: $0.020 charge per kilowatt-hour
  • Billing also includes an adjustment per kilowatt-hour to compensate for changes in the cost of fuel.

Second Nature is a voluntary program and participants can change their participation level or cancel enrollment at any time. There is no cost to cancel participation.