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Second Nature™ For Your Home

For residential electric customers of Alliant Energy in Iowa and Wisconsin

Through Second Nature, you have a unique opportunity to support the growth of renewable energy. It's never been easier to do your part!

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To change your participation level, complete the online enrollment form, call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) or email secondnature@alliantenergy.com and request an enrollment card.

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How does Second Nature work?

With your enrollment, we're able to buy more earth-friendly renewable energy produced from wind power and bioenergy. Fewer fossil fuels are consumed and air quality is improved for all.

When just one household participates in Second Nature at the 100 percent level, the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction from electricity use is equivalent to removing 1.8 passenger cars from the road.*

  • Your electric meter measures the kilowatt-hours you use each month. We divide this by your Second Nature participation level (25%, 50% or 100%) to figure how much green energy you require.
  • Next, we combine your requirement with other Second Nature customers to get the month's total green requirement.
  • Then we make sure we're bringing enough new green energy into our energy pool to meet the total green requirement.
  • This additional green energy comes from Second Nature resources, above and beyond Alliant Energy's standard sources. As electricity comes into the energy pool from these renewable resources, it displaces electricity that would otherwise come from sources like coal, gas and nuclear.

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* U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator using the average residential customer usage 12,258 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.