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Second Nature™ For Your Home

You'll make a world of difference

Wind House - Second NatureWe all want cleaner air, lakes and land. But when it comes down to it, you barely have time to recycle those newspapers.

So how does a busy person like you find time to help protect the environment? Through Alliant Energy's innovative Second Nature™ program. By participating in Second Nature you have a unique opportunity to support the growth of renewable energy. It's never been easier to do your part!

With your enrollment, we're able to buy more earth-friendly renewable energy produced from wind power and bioenergy. It's an easy and effective way to do something good for the environment.

Second Nature means fewer fossil fuels are consumed, more valuable energy resources are available for future generations, and air quality is improved for all to enjoy.

There's no special equipment to buy and you don't have to change your lifestyle one bit - and your energy will be just as reliable as the service you have now.

You'll be surprised at how big an impact just one household can make:

  • When just one household participates in Second Nature at the 100 percent level, the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction from electricity use is 8.6 metric tons. That is the environmental equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 1.8 passenger cars or 3.2 tons of waste sent to the landfill instead of recycled.*
  • During 2013, Second Nature participants supported more than 57 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy. That is the environmental equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 8,378 passenger cars or 15,062 tons of waste sent to the landfill instead of recycled. *

* U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator using the average residential customer usage 12,258 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Enroll in Second Nature today

To be eligible, you must be a residential electric customer of Alliant Energy, residing in Iowa, Minnesota, or Wisconsin.

To enroll or change your participation level complete the online enrollment form, call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) or email secondnature@alliantenergy.com and request an enrollment card.

Your participation will begin with your next billing cycle. Please note that enrollment may take up to eight weeks, depending on when your billing cycle begins and ends. Any changes to your participation become effective with the next practicable billing cycle. Green-e Energy Certified

Green-e Energy certified

The Second Nature program is Green-e Energy™ certified. Green-e Energy was established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions to provide information and an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options, and to verify that consumers get what they pay for.

For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements call 1-888-63-GREEN or visit www.green-e.org

Additional information

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